What is UltraLogon?

UltraLogon represents a direct replacement for SAP Logon. UltraLogon offers many new features and benefits that standard SAP Logon program can not provide. UltraLogon ensures optimal client integration in your SAP system landscape. Release or hardware updates to SAP systems require the continued reallocation of the SAP Logon ini file. This takes high organizational and administrative effort; as a result SAP client access data are not always up to date. It is also often necessary to update the services file, which is located in Windows operating system. In most cases end users are not able to maintain the services file.

With UltraLogon the distribution of the SAP Logon ini file becomes unnecessary. The file is centrally stored on web server, thus the client is constantly up to date. Another benefit of UltraLogon is that the maintenance of the services file becomes obsolete. UltraLogon features an internal cache which ensures a trouble free work even when networks interruptions occur.

Companies with large SAP system landscape have often complex SAP Logon ini files. UltraLogon eases the work by displaying only SAP systems relevant to the end user. Although all user access to the same SAP ini file distribution server, each user group can have its own saplogon.ini file. A constant reallocation of the ini file is omitted.

With UltraLogon also a powerful editor is supplied, it allows to edit SAP Logon ini files in a most easy-to-use and comprehensive way. This editor provides all the functions you need to organize and distribute your SAP Logon ini files. In addition to standard editing functions, you can customize your SAP systems with icons, create titles for a better overview - disable systems and set systems messages. An internal FTP client makes sure that ini files gets quickly available on web server. Ini file is automatically reloaded then using UltraLogon client program.

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