Automatic distribution of SAP® logon ini file. All users access the same SAP® system landscape. Consistency of SAP® system data is always ensured. SAP logon ini file is centrally stored on web server or network drive. Local installation of ini file is not required.
Support for ini file user groups. Only SAP® systems relevant to the user are displayed, thus UltraLogon eases the work in complex system landscapes. Configuration supports load balancing, thus optimal fail safe is ensured.
Supports SAP® favorites. Drag and drop any system into the favorites window. Maintain user name, password, client, language, transactions, reports and systems commands. Using SAP favorites allows a fast access to often used transactions or programs.
Ini file is automatically updated, no user intervention necessary.
SAP® consultant ini file mode allows completely customized ini file setup. This is especially useful for consultants with several customers.
Includes UltraLogon Editor. It is a powerful and easy to use editor to edit and organize SAP® Logon ini files. Edit, delete, sort, add SAP systems and publish SAP® ini file directly to web server. Group systems by adding titles or customize your ini file using a huge icon database.
Internal FTP client makes sure ini file is published directly to web server. Only a single click is required to publish your ini file to all SAP users.

Use UltraLogon Editor to add system messages. System message will be displayed automatically to the user if a system is down for maintenance reasons.
Create ini file groups using UltraLogon group editor. You can add several SAP® Logon ini files. Internal FTP client makes sure ini files are published to web server.
Ini file editor supports standard SAP® Logon ini file format.
Corrupt or defected ini files will be automatically repaired.
Supports Crystal Reports®.
Easely connect to SAP® systems not listed using 'Quick Connect'.
Ini file can be stored on web server (http), network drive (drive letter or UNC) or locally stored.
No administrator rights are required for the use of UltraLogon including automatic update of SAP® logon ini file.
Display ini file in different views.
Complete integration for SNC (Secure Network Communication).
Update of local services file becomes unnecessary.
Supports SAP® Business Warehouse (BW). Ini file of BW application is also automatically replicated, no user intervention is necessary.
Easy integration in installation packet possible.
Transaction browser. Includes full database of nearly all 16'000+ transactions, including reports and descriptions.
Internal cache of UltraLogon ensures trouble free work even if failure of network or web server occurs.
Using Web Access feature allows quick access to web based SAP systems. Supports J2EE, WEBAS, XI and BW.